Group Training Sessions

Each training session will be for 90 minutes! Our experienced coach will take you through a thorough warm up, football drills, exciting game situational exercises (focusing on both defensive and attack), a full field game (depending on numbers) and to finish with a warm down + stretch.

When & Where will the sessions be held?

Every Wednesday starting September 6th 2017 to October 11th 2017, 7:30pm at Wellington College Artificial Turf.

Every Tuesday & Thursday starting September 12th 2017 to December 21st 2017, 7:30pm at Alex Moore Artificial Turf.

To get the latest on our Wellington Training Sessions you can register or check out this website’s sidebar “Upcoming Training Sessions” (Wellington Only) or visit our Wellington Facebook and/or MeetUp Wellington page.

NEW! Auckland
Due to high demand, we are proud to announce our Auckland Training Sessions at Balmoral Indoor Sports Centre (164 Balmoral road, Mount Eden, Balmoral, Auckland) every Thursday 6:30pm-8:00pm.

To get the latest on our Auckland Training Sessions you can Contact Us, or visit our Auckland Facebook and/or MeetUp Auckland page.

Pricing plans for Group Sessions

AOF - Pricing Plans 2017

 Casual (Pay-As-You-Train)

  • RSVP for a session you wish to attend via Facebook, MeetUp, or by registering to secure your spot or just “Drop-in” to a session if you are unable to RSVP in time.
  • Check-in and/or register and pay your fee prior to the session (EFTPOS available in Wellington only)
  • Casual trainers are welcome to attend any and all available sessions.

Be aware that members will have priority over casual trainers. It is strongly advised that casual trainers RSVP in advance to secure your spot.

Monthly Passes

Pay in advance so you won’t have to worry or hassle with payment. Get it out the way and enjoy your training for a month! There are two monthly plans available for those who want to train once or twice a week*

1 Session a Week (1xW) – $70

You will be committed to ONE training a week for FOUR consecutive weeks.

2 Sessions a Week (2xW) – $120

You will be committed to TWO trainings a week for FOUR consecutive weeks.

* Twice a week monthly plan only available for Wellington only.

Terms and Conditions apply*

*Terms and Conditions:

    1. By  paying for session(s) in advance you agree to the Terms and Conditions in its entirety.
    2. By paying in advance you are committed to train rain or shine at the session(s) you have paid for.
    3. If you do not attend a session(s) you have paid for, you will forfeit any monies paid for that session(s). Email for exceptions on a case by case basis. Reasons based on weather, other commitments, and injuries will not be accepted. 
    4. If AOF is unable to hold a session(s) that you have paid for, for any reason, you can attend the following session(s) free of charge.
    5. The player and coach can arrange for a mutually suitable day and time for the 1ON1 coaching sessions to occur. This can be weekends and on grass if turf is unavailable. 
    6. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. 
    7. Casual and membership pricing and/or discounts are subject to change.