26th Training Session – “Next Level” – 19/12/2016

Hi guys,

Before I get in to the session it self I just want to say thanks to the group of players that showed up to the session. I can’t say that none of you have not improved, you all improve in your own way and my job is just to be there as a guide. Thanks for trusting me and thanks for respecting me in how I coach and how I believe football should be played! Its truly been a joy to get to know you. If we weren’t an Academy, I can honestly say that our “team spirit” is excellent, not only does this Academy introduce new friendships but also a bond as a group and as a team! You all deserve this time off to spend time with family and loved ones, make sure to enjoy it!

This was my last session of the year so I wanted to step it up a notch, we focused a lot of ball control and ball technique. I had done a lot of research for this particular session and it turned out to be a success! In the past we have been doing basic drills so I as a coach really can see how good you are and how good you can be. I believe that after that well executed session we will step up all sessions to a more advance level. I do believe that most of you are ready, and if you aren’t then this will be good opportunity for you to push yourself.

I do think we made a record with 18 players! Which is great, because of the great amount of players we managed to play a 9 vs 9 game at the very end! And WOW did it turn out to be good. As some may know I like to say that you do things on the pitch that we have been practicing without even knowing it, I guess that’s what practice is all about! The way you pass the ball, the way you control the flow of the game, counter attack, defend and communicate is excellent! You ALL have improved so much over the last few months. It takes time guys, but its hard for you as a player to really see your own improvement, but very easy for me! Well done all of you!! I am very proud!

Enjoy the holidays and I’ll hopefully see all of you next year, take care! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Albert Baumgartner