24th Training Session – “Foot Tennis” – 12/12/2016

Last session we focused on keeping the ball in the air, in the sense of keeping it on the volley. This session was not a session about juggling but more about control and how to control the ball in the air. We started off with some simple yet very beneficial drills. The players did very good and had a high concentration.

For the first drill I set it up as a competition. “Juggling” the ball around in a group can be a lot of fun, and the concentration of the session can very easily fade. The competition was which group to keep the ball on the volley longest, the losers had a horrible punishment of muscle fitness, the second worst faced the same fate but not as severe and even the winners had some sort of punishment, but a very easy one 🙂

The highlight of the session was by far the real competition. The players had to pair up and compete in a Foot Tennis game which consisted of 3 leagues (Bottom league being the A-League, middle league was the English Premier League and the top league was the Champions League). The players competed against others where winners get to advance to the next league with the objective to stay at the top! It was a good way so finish of the volley session in a fun and compatible way. We then finished the session with a full field game and everyone did great!

Make sure to show up for the next session which will be highly advanced. Since we are coming to an end of the year I will now test the players to my full extent of advanced football drills to really test them out. The drills next session will be on dribbles, ball control and short quick passing! Make sure to show up to really test your own ability!!

Albert Baumgartner