22nd Training Session – “Lets NOT attack” – 5/12/2016

A few weeks ago I jumped in and played a few minutes with the players in the full field game and realized that there are some aspects of the game that I want to focus on. One of the bigger ones were to maintain the ball and not always go for the attacking play, but instead controlling the flow of the game by passing the ball around the team.

The drill had a lot of running to it which was good, something that really helps with fitness and stamina! The first drill we did was very simple with players forming a circle, one defender in the middle trying to get the ball. I did this just to warm everybody up.

The second drill was more of a “game changer” where we set up a big boundary to contain 11 players (like if it was a game). The drill was simple; pass it around. I set up a few defenders just to put some pressure on the players. The idea of the drill was just to maintain the ball within the team, without losing it and without playing that attacking ball (until I said so). On paper and in action this is a great and beneficial drill. Participation in the drill can be a bit dull and boring, but from the sidelines the improvement of maintaining the ball and not stressing was great!

We later moved a similar drill but with 7-7 and the defender being passive, just to really work on the keeping the ball as a team and not attacking all the time. It looked really good! We finished off with a game!

– To become a good team and to become a good player you need to know how to control your own stress and to control the pace of the game and the pace of your own ability. Know when to pass that cross ball and knowing when to pass it back to a defender to restart the game and try and find a new opening. The players for AoF always impress me with skill, dedication, motivation and improvement. Every single session so far has been a small glimpse of improvement, and with more repetition and hard work, you will become the player that you have set yourself to become!

Keep it up!

Albert Baumgartner