21st Training Session – “Shooting” – 01/12/2016

A shame that not to many could make it to Thursdays session. However, it was a blessing in disguise as we did have a good number for a really good shooting session! After the warm up we focused on shooting from distance. We focused on 3 different types of shooting.

1. Normal / Regular shooting
2. Power shooting
3. Finesse / Curve shooting

I can honestly say that I was very impressed with how the players improved. Since everybody has their own techniques of shooting its hard to learn otherwise. But I did my best to teach the players on how I shoot the ball and when the three different shooting techniques are necessary.

We later moved to volleys! Now, with volleys this is something that is hard to teach, learn and master. Volleys are very hard in a way that if you want to hit a good volley shot then it needs to hit the perfect “sweet spot” and have a decent amount of power. I still struggle with volleys and I knew this was going to be hard to introduce. We managed to have fun with it and just work on the basic technique. Instead of going for “full power” we talked and did more of a accuracy and vision type of volleys. Worked out great, and some players improved a lot in the area.

The last drill we did was not very advance, but a good drill to work on shooting when running. The drill worked our well and I will be doing it again. When we have more players I will introduce it and add some more steps to it as I do believe that one of the ways to improve your shooting is to do it while moving in FULL speed and after a dribble of a move. Overall a great session.

Now, I rarely pick out a “Player of the Night” for own personal reasons, but this one particular player stood out from the rest. Steven. Steven has always had decent shooting in my opinion but after only 20-30min of shooting under my supervision and tips, he became a pro. Not all shoots were spot on, but the ones that were… Wow.. They were truly pure perfection.

See you next week guys!

Albert Baumgartner