20th Training Session – “Follow Thru” – 28/11/2016

A great amount of people showed up which meant a more fun and active session for the players! This session was focused on defensive runs, how to backpedal correctly as a defender and how to use the correct body language. The players already know this stuff so I did not focus all to much on it but nevertheless we had a few drills that introduce how to run as defenders! These drills turned out to be really good and all the players did well.

We later on moved over to some more running, attacking and defending drills. I know from personal experience that defensive sessions can be seen as “easy” and not very exhausting, however, I was glad to see that nearly all of my players crawled for air during these different drills. The drills we did was focused on vision, tackles in the air, pace and location. The drills are fun and beneficial and many ways for both defending and attacking.

Lastly we did a 3v2 and 4v3 attacking and defending plays. I did this to see how the defenders work together. My mind was very little on the attacking players and more on the defensive parts!

We finished of with a big field game (even I got to play some which was awesome! 😀 ), the game was even and they all played good. Thanks to me jumping in I realized really quick what the next week’s focus is going to be 😉

See you next week!

Albert Baumgartner