19th Training Session – “Repetition, Repetition, Repetition” – 24/11/2016

Once again we hit a high number of players which is always fun. The aim for this session was to work on air balls, from long and short distance. I had noticed that we do lack somewhat in this area and because a lot of drills that I as a coach introduce do include those long or short air balls.

After a lot of thinking I finally decided that an air ball session was needed, might not be the must of fun, but as I said, it was needed!

The first drill we did was more for me to see how good the players are and what techniques they were lacking. Oddly enough, the players did great and I did not have that much to say about their technique or how the play the ball in the air. The drill was a “two group drill” which meant that we had two “zones” of different ways to play that air ball. The first zone was a simple two partner drill where the players face each other and play 2-3 different types of air balls. While the other one was more of a high and long air ball aiming to hit the goal around 25m away. The goal of that second zone was just to work on vision and to get the technique right. While the first zone was more of a “skillful” air ball pass.

The second drill we did was very basic where they players partnered up and played that cross ball to each other. We did not do it for to long because I had a few other drills set up, but here I got to see the long air ball aiming for a smaller object (a player) instead of a goal. This drill set up nicely to the second drill we did which was a big box game with no goals and two teams. Basically it is a good drill to work on to air balls and to change “zones” within the box. Both teams did very well and did some great air passes. Although we do need to work on the stress. When the players did the air balls during the session thinking I got all the time in the world, nearly all the air balls were spot on, while playing this big field game the stress had it’s saying and effected some players vision and accuracy.

We then moved to Matt’s Book which is one of my favorite drills that we have been doing a few times. 3 teams and 3 squares, the aim is to play it over the middle square to the other team while having 1-2 defenders trying to get the ball. As always this drill worked out smooth and I can see a lot of improvement all the time. And when speaking of stress, this is a very stressful drill but once you get the stress out of the way and work as a team, that’s when you’ll be successful in the drill.

The last thing we did was the game with goals. I wanted to have the wide field because I wanted to see the cross passing or some air balls at least, which I did. I was very satisfied with how the players played that game and the individual skill keeps improving! Well done all!

See you next week!

Albert Baumgartner