18th Training Session – “Lucky Seventeen!” – 21/11/2016

Wow guys, 17 players! What an accomplishment! I was so happy that we had so many. Lets hope we can keep that number for all of our sessions! If you have any friends that want to tag along, give us a holla at AoF or just drag them out to the field for a killer session!!

We started off as always with the warm ups! We later moved on to a familiar drill that we have done in the past. We used the mid-circle to set up a drill that focused on take downs. This is very familiar to the players and they all did very good. I can not say I am impressed because the skill they show now is what I expect of them.

I had done my homework and studied some top football club’s academy drills. Newcastle is famous for their great academy and their way of developing drills. So we did two drills that were both from the Newcastle Young Academy group. It was set off with quick passes two and two, then a long cross pass. Now, the cross passing is something that we really need to work on as players. We continue to do this in the future, so the drill did go well, but because that long cross pass is essential for the drill to fully work, sometimes a bad pass can “destroy” the whole exercise. Nevertheless, we continued for the players to practice crossing with both feet.

We later moved on to a similar drill but instead of being a group of 2 I wanted to have it with more players where the player crossing the ball had players to pick/aim for. This turned out to be a good drill and since we were so many we were able to have two groups.

We then finished off with a BIG game, 8 on 8. This was a great opportunity for all the players to really play as if they were in an actual game. Unfortunately I was not able to watch the game as I was holding Individual Sessions with Kelsey and Anuj (who both did absolutely great and was just as good coaching them as if I was watching the full field game). I hope the players really enjoyed playing with some more players on the field.

Overall a good session with a great set of players and great atmosphere!! Keep it up guys!

Albert Baumgartner