17th Training Session – “Guess who’s back” – 17/11/2016

Welcome Home, Josh!!

Its the first session after the earthquake that cancelled Monday’s session. It seemed like everybody was doing alright which was a major relief!

In today’s session we all welcomed Josh (the founder) back from his trip to Indonesia with open arms and was very happy to see him again. He spreads such a joy around him that it easily effects others. I could really see how happy the players were seeing him again.

We got straight into the session that focused on easy short and long passes along the ground as well as “set-up” passing. We started off with a simple 3 man pass drill. It was good in a way that not only is it exhausting but also warms up the feet and vision to get ready for the upcoming drills.

I had in mind of a particular drill that consisted of more layers and the more layers you add the harder it gets. It started off really good and I was excited to show Josh how much the players have improved. At first they did great but slowly and steadily the concentration fell, passing was bad and it almost felt like the players didn’t listen to my instructions of where and when to run. It might have been some communication barriers, but after a few interruptions and clarifications the players were back in their original pace again and performed the last few minutes of the harder drills with class and style. I was really happy at that time.

We finished the session with full field game. Surprisingly the players did excellent and performed so many set up passes and quick once touch passes. These were the things that we had been practicing during the session, and again, they do it without even knowing where it looks so natural. So I was really happy to see some shed of magic from the players during the game.

Make sure to always concentrate in a drill, sometimes communication barriers can effect how well you perform, but there are no stupid questions and no stupid criticism. We at AoF want YOU to improve so always do your hardest and always push yourself to the max! In time you’ll realise how good you can actually be! Anything is possible if you believe and fight for it!

See you next week! 🙂

Albert Baumgartner