15th Training Session – “Fake left, Go right” – 10/11/2016

After warming up we moved straight into the dribble and shooting drills. The session we did on Monday really covered the basics about some easy to learn dribbles and how to master them as well as static shooting. Mondays session was a good “learners” but this session I really wanted to put the players to the test.

The two drills I introduced was fairly straight forward and the players got to shooting practice and to dribble with both the left foot and right foot. For some this took some time to learn, but after a few tries everybody did really good. The two drills that was introduced to the group had a focus on “dribble the defender”, I wanted to make this very clear that there was a defender that they NEEDED to dribble off. It was not only important for me to see how well they can dribble of some cones (in this case the cones were the defenders), but also for them to learn how to time their dribbles.

The two drills also covered shooting. From Mondays session we did some very basic stuff when it comes to shooting. But here the players once again were put to the test. I wanted them to get the sense of how it feels to look up and “spot the goal” while dribbling before the finish, all in one movement. The player’s did really good with the shooting. And got to use the left and right foot.

We finished of with a full game, and it was so fun to see that the players actually tested the dribbles out. And the majority of them actually worked and were very successful. I was very happy standing on the sidelines watching how much they have improved.

Albert Baumgartner