14th Training Session – “Winter is Coming…Again?!” – 7/11/2016

Rain, wind and cold. Three things that for some will be a factor to now coming to training. I was at first a bit worried that we wouldn’t have enough people to complete the drills or even have a session due to the nasty weather. I posted a comment on the “MeetUp” page just to motivate the players that the rain shouldn’t stop us from having a good session! As mentioned, I had my doubts of how many would actually show up. Clearly I was proven very wrong.

Again, the commitment and dedication from this group still amazes me. We started off the session with the easy warm-ups, following up with two basic drills that was active at the same time. I divided the group up into two groups and let one half do the shooting drills while the others did the dribbling drills, after about 15-20 min we could switch. Now, these drill are very basic to get the feel of what I want to do in the future and how to really work on the basics of dribbling and shooting. As some have noticed, and I can clearly state it now, I love to put on layer after layer on a drill! Start with the basic and then add more and more steps to really get the repetition going.

After the dribbling and shooting drill we did a quick 2v2 to work on those dribbles, I told the players that “You know you have a team player that you can pass – but only if needed, I want to see the dribbles we have been practicing, the fake left- go right type of stuff”. While doing the 2v2 I started my Individual Session with Steven, half way through my time with Steven I told the group to set up a game, and then took Matt aside to give him a individual session with me. Both Steven and Matt did very good, still very impressed with how much they have learnt.

We finished off with a slow jog and stretching (in the rain). I was so glad so many showed up and it looked like we had a good time even tho the weather was bad. Cant wait for Thursday! Rest those legs!!

Albert Baumgartner