13th Training Session – “Possession”- 3/11/2016

Thursdays session ended up to be a success once again. At first we only had a few players that showed up which got me a bit worried since I needed at least 11-13 players for my drills. However, people started to show up around 7:28 – 7.30 so it was all good!

We started off as usual with the warm up and some quick talks about what we were going to focus on. This week we have been focusing on ball possession and how to use it to you advantage. We started off with a simple “wall-pass” exercise. I had to play with one group since we were one short, it turned out good and even-though I was participating I could see that the passing game as really improved over the last few weeks!

After that we started with the successful drill, “Matt’s Book”. We did this exercise last session, but I wanted to do it again because it is a really good drill for both defensive, ball possession, short and long passing game. Also we had some players that didn’t show up for Mondays session whom I really wanted to introduce this fun drill to.

Matt’s Book turned out to again be a very fun drill and I can really see how much the players like it. We finished off with a big game without goals to really focus on ball possession, I interrupted the game to not criticize but to inform the players of what I REALLY wanted to see from not only the team but as individuals. And I can only say that the players once again really listened to me and my tips and how I wanted them to play the ball around, it turned out to be a great success and the players fought very hard to retrieve the ball, and to keep it. We later used the same amount of space to add two goals to finish of the session with a full game. Once again, I was really impressed with how the players adopt what they have learnt in training and then adding it to the game.

Overall a great session and a great week of ball possession! Next week we will start on shooting; shooting techniques and dribbling!! See you on the field!

Albert Baumgartner