12th Training Session – “Matt’s Book” – 31/10/2016

We started off the session at a beautiful field at Wellington College, and for once the sun was out and the wind was not a issue! I think this raised the moral of the players, I know it made me more keen for the session!

We started off with a harder passing drill with two balls, three players and one defender. It took some time for the players to completely understand what to do, but there was a shed of magic! Because of this I will do this drill again in the future. Repetition will really help to improve the players!

After that we moved to one of my all time favorite drill called Matt’s Book. There were some great feed back from players so I will definitely do this drill again. It practices on both attacking, short and long passing and even defending. It includes a lot of pace and vision. Really easy drill to set up and explain, and not only is it beneficial, its also heaps of fun!

We took a quick break to talk about what I wanted the purpose of the drill Matt’s Book to be about and later moved to a 40 minute game. I had a 40 min game because we at AOF have decided to introduce Individual Skill Assessment Sessions with the players, so that both AOF and the players can assess skill levels and track improvements. So I had set up a few drills to go over with two individuals. It turned out to be a success, and I really set a good base on where to begin!

We ended the session with a slow jog around the field (as a group) and then a group stretch.

Overall, a very FUN and beneficial session!

Albert Baumgartner