11th Training Session – “Layers!” – 28/10/2016

This session was also going to be on attack! The “basic” drill we did last week was good, but I had future intentions for it. So what I did was to call my previous head coach from Ireland to come up with some new ideas/ layers to the basic attacking drill.

We had two new players showing up which was real fun, and they did an excellent job participating in drills, talking to others and getting some good touches on their feet.

We jumped right in to the drills. Of course we started with some warm ups to get the body nice and warm, we started of with a similar basic drill as we did last week just to get the idea of that we would be working with. After that we moved to a drill called the “Chelsea Attack”. This had a lot of steps in to it and instead of having just 2 players doing the drill, there were 4-5 players participating. I think this was good for the players to be able to play with others more rather then with just one or two.

After that we moved to “Attack + Shoot”. This drill included a shooting and dribbling combo drill. This turned out to be a success in a way that the players improved after each turn, it was a bit messy at first to explain the “combo-drill” but after some practice and demonstrations we mastered it together.

We finished the session with a 30 min game, 4 v 5. The team with 4 players didn’t struggle at all, they even ended up wining the game!! Overall a great session and I was told that this was the furthers they have been pushed in a session, which I see as a positive factor. After all, AoF aims to make sure the players are feeling tired and exhausted after each session!

Next week we will start will ball possession! Cant wait!

Albert Baumgartner