9th Training Session – “The Basics” – 22/10/2016

I showed up a bit early to make sure everything was in order for tonights session. The weather was going to get worse so I informed everybody to dress warm. Not to many people showed up because of injuries and the weather, but it didn’t stop us from having a good session!

We started off with some normal warmups to get the legs and body warm, we then moved to some regular passing drills. My intention was to see how everyone passed the ball on short and long distances since the session was going to focus on attack-passing drills. It all went good but the wind was an issue when doing long air-ball passes.

We then moved over to a simple drill that only needed a 2 players to perform. The drill was very basic and easy because I wanted to see how the players fared with new “international” drills.The drill I introduced was fairly basic but very easy to add new layers to which I will be doing next week.

We finished the session with a 40 min game to really work on those long and short passes. The basic drill that was introduced during the session really had an effect on the players. Even though the rain kept pouring down on us I could really feel that the session was professional and everyone put in a lot of hard work.

Albert Baumgartner