8th Training Session – ATTACK!!! – 17/10/2016

The winds picked up as we kicked off our first session at Alex Moore Park in Johnsonville on Monday the 17th of October. As we looked to move into attacking drills, it was great to see so many new faces, and I was impressed at how well they embraced the drills and fit in with the group! Plenty of encouragement, as always, made the night extra fun, and players’ improvements were impressive!

The overlapping run down the wing was met with great enthusiasm, and players did really well to accelerate down the wing, and receive pin point accurate balls to run on to with pace. As we held our ground, and timed our runs to perfection, making sure we beat that offside trap at the last moment at full pace, people responded really well to comments, and your improvements were astronomical, with the impressive flair of Michael Owen shining through as you met those balls in behind defenders, ready to take on Fabien Barthez one on one!

The crossing was awesome, and great to see players timing their runs, meeting that ball with pace. Keep thinking about the comments about holding your run, and the front post getting there quick, ahead of your defender, and the back post runner holding off, to react to where the cross is coming. Make sure you angle those runs in, so that you meet the ball with power, and send the ball flying past David De Gea.

Awesome session everyone, was truly fantastic. Enjoy Albert’s session Friday, and we will change next week’s early session to Tuesday, 8pm at Wakefield  Park!!
This will be my last week with you, so we’ll make it as beneficial for you as possible.
Do not hesitate to ask any questions, and we’ll see you all again soon!

Nick Daly
Head Coach