6th Training Session – “One on One” – 10/10/2016

Once again the weather held off for our first defensive session, at Wakefield Park on Monday 10th October. It was bitterly cold, however, which saw the fierce footballers engage into action putting their most confident foot forward in taking on those players with the ball.

The session was great and everyone’s best efforts were appreciated, as sometimes defending can be not the most fun footballing aspect. Learning to press and hold the attackers on the ball, and support that first line of defense saw us shaping up well as a unit, understanding where each defender around the ball should be. Players got a chance to take each other on in a one on one battle down a channel. Focusing on the defender’s body shape, everyone was starting to use their body to great effect by shielding the area they wanted to protect, and showing the attacker to the sideline. A few nutmegs gave us a bit of laughter, but overall, the confidence to step in when the opportunity arose, was impressive, and the defenders had the upper hand every time!

It was with great sadness that at this session I had to announce my departure from AOF due to family health issues in the UK. I will be leaving with my partner to join my father and brother in the UK very shortly. I have really loved my time with you all, and I must thank you for all the hard work you have put in. I feel like I’ve already made some friends in most of you, and I wish you all the best for the future, hopefully I can come visit and pop in when you’re all playing for the Phoenix in a years time.

Apologies for the late Blog post, my life became infinitely more busy over the last week with preparations for moving!!

Thanks for a great session everyone!
Be sure to keep coming along, and I have absolute faith in Albert’s ability to take you to exactly where you want your football to end up.

All the best until next time!

Nick Daly
Head Coach