7th Training Session – “Eyes Closed” – 13/10/2016

Albert took his first training session (with more preparation this time) on Thursday the 13th of October at Wakefield Park with an attendance of 14 members!

This weeks theme was “Defense”. To start off, Albert talked further about what Nick taught the members on Monday and added his own ideas and theories. The session proceeded to cover a lot of basic defensive work through fun exercises.

Defensive work can be boring some times and feel a bit “useless”. Albert introduced a fun 1v1 / 2v2 drill where the players would start with their eyes closed. On the word “GO” they both would open their eyes, locate the ball and start either attacking or defending depending on who got the ball first! Many laughs and a great effort from everybody!

A 45 min 7v7 game was played to see how the players utilised the theories about defending into action. And it turned out great! Both teams and all players really exceeded expectations with how good they had become with only a few basic drills about defense! Both teams were really struggling to score and only did when the attack was PERFECT.

Look forward to next weeks sessions when we will focus on Attack!

J – 14/10/2016