5th Training Session – “Albert Baumgartner”- 06/10/2016

Nick Daly was unable to attend the session due to an emergency where he was required to travel to Palmerston North.

After a couple of hours of scrambling around, Albert Baumgartner was available and took on the coaching role head on.

Albert is from Sweden and has played football for about 15 years. He has extensive playing experience where he played for the Senior Mens team of the second biggest academic club in Sweden and won many trophies. One of the major accomplishments is winning the Gothia Cup in both Final A and Final B (Gothia Cup is the worlds biggest international youngster cup for players up to 21 years old).

The session followed Nick’s plan to go through a warm up, some light drills, and to spend most of the time playing 5 or 6 aside football.  Our members have all been working really hard in the last few weeks and it was time for them to put practice into play!

Albert’s knowledge and experience showed in his ability to provide advice on the technical aspects of the game and to adjust the drills as he saw fit. By making the the exercises dependent on pace and “explosiveness”, the members’ fitness were tested. Albert stayed involved during the 40 minute game, coaching individual members and teams on what they were doing right and wrong. The members took all of the advice on board and Albert saw immediate improvements.

Overall the members were very happy with the session and welcomed Albert and his coaching style.

Look forward to having him back in the future!

J – 7/10/2016