3rd Training Session – “Creating Space” – 29/09/2016

The weather eased for our third training session, and allowed us to train hard at Te Whaea Park from 7:00pm on Thursday, 29th September. Again, we were fortunate with the weather, even when it threatened during the day! Here’s hoping we won’t be pushing our luck when we hold two sessions a week!

A solid number of people turned out to enjoy yet another training session, with plenty of familiar faces, but hopefully more people decide to take on this awesome opportunity as we begin to move to twice a week in October.

Another intense session saw us work on our basic touches again, followed by the use of space, creating space, and movement after the pass. Players learnt the importance of creating space for themselves to receive passes, as well as finding space after the pass to increase the ability to keep possession of the ball as a team. Some great improvements were made, and the players were left feeling accomplished after a tough session which worked them mentally and physically.

I was extremely impressed at how far everyone’s skill and ability improved in just a short time. If you haven’t had the chance to experience such a fun, challenging and exciting training session yet, please don’t be afraid to join us! Our sessions are friendly with a focus to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves as well as having the opportunity to improve. You will work at your own pace and I will guide and assist you to improve on your skills.

I look forward to our sessions moving to twice weekly, as we get started again on Monday 3rd October. I can’t wait to see you all out there and putting in 100% effort again. We will continue to work on possession of the ball and attacking with and without the ball.

Nick Daly
Head Coach